Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I Don't Like About Uptown

While I love Uptown, that doesn't mean I love all things about it. Here's some things that go on my personal dislikes list:
  1. Modern Condo Buildings. That doesn't mean I don't think they're well-designed, serve a purpose, or don't belong in the neighborhood, it just means that I prefer the neighborhood's older houses and buildings.
  2. Chino Latino. I've had perfectly fine food and drinks here. I think it's that Chino Latino seems almost stereotypically suburban in the way that everything is so artificially fine-tuned to appeal to their audience. Maybe it's just that it doesn't feel connected to the neighborhood, and I'm just not into trendy.
  3. People who Don't Shovel. Sure, this happens other places, too. But this blog is about Uptown so I'm singling out Uptown property owners. Who are these people who don't bother to get out their shovels or call a plowing company? Their laziness endangers the rest of us and makes our neighborhood far less pedestrian-friendly.
  4. Parking Permits. People who buy houses two blocks away from Hennepin and Lake should realize that tight parking comes with the territory. I might support a one-side permit-only parking option, or possibly two hour parking for those without permits, but permit only all the time? Ridiculous.
  5. The Uptown Transit Station. This has potential to move to a list of things I like in the future, but for now it's just not living up to its potential. At the moment it's just a glorified bus stop with uncomfortable seats.

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