Tuesday, May 26, 2009

These New Neighbors May Ruffle Some Feathers, but Hey (Hay?), They Don't Add to the Parking Problem!

Above: Uptown chickens hang out under the coop on a sunny spring day.

The movement towards keeping backyard chickens in the city is sweeping the nation, and at least a handful of Uptown residents are fully onboard. Chickens are legal in Minneapolis, although you do need a permit (along with permission from 80% of your nearby neighbors). It’s a trend that seems only to be growing. The benefits are clear: enjoy the ultimate example of local fresh eggs, feel connected to the food you eat, and enjoy the company of what are entertaining and personable pets. Most Uptown backyards are easily big enough to fit a chicken coop and run. Chickens aren’t for everyone, of course – they do take money, time, and dedication, and if you’re only in it for the eggs you might as well just buy the local free range options available at the store – but I, for one, am thrilled that Uptowners have the opportunity to have a small taste of country life right in their own backyards.
Now if I could just have a couple of pet goats I'd be set...

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