Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Uptown-Style

I wear my Uptown sweatshirt with pride. It’s warm, it’s soft, it has an Uptown logo. For those of you out there who also are looking for some Uptown-wear, whether for yourself or as a gift, here’s a brief tour of some of the Uptown-themed apparel for sale out there. Go ahead – wear your heart on your sleeve, Uptown-style.

I’m Down With Uptown:
one of my personal favorites, despite not having the money to actually spring for the shirt myself.

A Lakeside View of Uptown:
for those of you who don’t like words on your shirt, this landscape painting-turned-t-shirt is by artist Michael Sciortino.

Condos are Ruining My Neighborhood: I happen to think that the Uptown condos are mostly a good thing, but I know that not everyone agrees with that point of view. If you happen to hate condos then you might love this shirt.

Options, Options, Options: Design your own sweatshirt or other piece of clothing at Neighborhoodies, or take this general concept and bring it somewhere local.

Uptown Business Association: Buy Uptown Art Fair shirts or choose from an assortment of Uptown-themed shirts and hats.

Wearing a shirt with "Uptown" splashed across the front might not exactly save the neighborhood, but there's still possibly more benefits to be found than just a new piece of clothing for the closet. Schools have mastered the art of building a sense of student body (or alumni) community; maybe the symbolic act of purchasing and wearing a piece of "branded" clothing isn't so insignificant, after all. And hey, even if it doesn't enhance our shared community spirit, at least you'll have something to wear.

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