Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heading to Cowboy Slim's? Get the Right Duds Right on Lake

I know a lot of people out there are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Cowboy Slim's (for those that can't wait, Cowboy Jack's in Plymouth is already open). Uptown is apparently a neighborhood filled with would-be cowpokes, all itching to get their hands on some sloppy joe and onion rings.

When the big day comes and you first venture into the saloon, are you going to be dressed in your same old boring city clothes, or are you going to dress for the occasion? Why not go all out and both support the neighborhood AND indulge your inner ranching spirit? While technically in the Lyn-Lake area (and therefore sort of Uptown, depending on your view) the Schatzlein Saddle Shop at Grand and Lake is the real deal. Not only is it exactly what it sounds like - an honest-to-goodness saddle shop in the heart of the city - it has also has a long history in the neighborhood.

Schatzlein's first store opened at 609 West Lake Street (between Lyndale and Garfield) in 1907. Now, 102 years later, they're still going strong, and still located in the Lyn-Lake business district. Besides saddles, they also sell fun things like boots, hats, and clothing. Even if your city life doesn't bring you anywhere near a horse doesn't mean you can't look the part.

And, I've started to research this but don't yet have an answer: are horses allowed on the Greenway? Is there a reason why horses shouldn't be on the Greenway? I jokingly said once before that Cowboy Slim's needed to get some hitching posts for their patrons' parking needs; wouldn't it be cool if there really was a stable somewhere along the Greenway that offered evening rides down the Greenway for a fun night out? It's been done other places. I'll be the first to sign up, wearing my newly procured Schatzlein boots, of course.

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